We offer KMR accessories and add-ons for sporting firearms in our e-shop, which we have been manufacturing and developing with our own design for a long time. You can find grips, triggers, sights, hammers, magazine base pads and much more for your pistol.


Duralumin anodized grips give the shooter confidence in shooting by improving the grip. Their surface ensures a secure grip and gives the pistol a more attractive look.


In the sights category you will find front sights, rear sights, mounts and red dot sights. Front sights you can order in different heights, widths and designs. We offer fixed or adjustable rear sights and it’s up to you what you like and what will improve your performance.


Magazines can be selected according to model and manufacturer. Capacity can be increased with our duralumin, anodized base pads.

04Performance Parts

In this category you can choose KMR accessories that will make shooting a little more fun and accurate for you.