KMR Precision ArmsAbout us

KMR PRECISION ARMS s.r.o. is a commercial company which is the exclusive distributor of KMR brand manufactured by KUMMER Tech a.s.
Was established in 2022 due to the growing interest of domestic and foreign business partners and customers. The company offers high-end products that meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. The company directs its business activities to all countries of the world.
It provides pistols for professionals and beginning shooters, upgraded with KMR accessories for a better shooting experience and accuracy. It works with professional shooters from home and abroad on their development.

KUMMER Tech a.s. specializes in precision metal machining on CNC machines, EDM, metal engraving and custom 3D printing. It offers complete machining technology solutions, uses modern CAD/CAM and multi-axis measuring instruments for technical preparation of production.
KUMMER Tech a.s. is a major supplier to global manufacturers of firearms.

Design and Development of Parts
CNC Machining
Manufacturing and Assembly
Customer Support and Sales
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