Pistol equipped with KMR accessories and BRS barrel stabilization system. Suitable for sport shooting.
Available in calibers 9x19, 9x21 and .40 S&W.
5“ Heavy, Fluted, Nitrided Barrel
BRS - Barrel Stabilization System in the Slide
Optics Ready Interface (OR)
Frame made of steel, CNC machined from a solid blank
Left Hand Thumb Rest - black
SA Trigger Mechanism
Serrated Flat SA Trigger with Adjustable Drop and Reset – black
Wide SA Hammer
Magazine Funnel – black
magazine 9x19, 9×21 with capacity 19+1 rnds or 40 S&W with capacity 17+1 rnds
Duralumin Magazine Base Pad – black
WAVES Duralumin Grips – Dark Red
Adjustable Duralumin Magazine Release Button – black
Extended Left Manual Safety
Flat Right Manual Safety
Slide Stop Pin
Fiber-Optic Front Sight (1 mm)
Side and Height Adjustable OR Rear Sight
Nitrided Frame and Slide – black
Magazine – 3 pcs
KMR Pistol Case, Cleaning Kit, KMR Oil, BRS Mounting Adapter, Rear Sight Adjusting Wrench, User’s Manual, Warranty Card
Caliber:9×19, 9×21, 40 S&W
Overall lenght:223 mm / 8.8 in
Slide lenght:197 mm / 7.8 in
Overall width:40 mm / 1.6 in
Slide width:26 mm / 1 in
Overall height:150 mm / 5.9 in
Sight line:180 mm / 7 in
Barrel legth:127 mm / 5 in
Magazine capacity:19+1 (9×19, 9×21) 17+1 (40 S&W)
Trgger pull:> 13,5 N
Weight (without magazine):1260 g / 45 oz
Weight (with empty magazine):1350 g / 48 oz

Standard packaging includes:

  • durable plastic case with the possibility of using locks
  • KMR L-02 ORCA OR pistol
  • 3 pcs of magazines
  • Allen wrench for handguards, Allen wrench for sight and trigger
  • Special KMR synthetic oil, reducing friction and wear
  • Instructions for Use
  • warranty card
  • set of KMR Precision Arms promotional stickers

KMR Precision Arms PistolKMR L-02 ORCA OR

The most equipped pistol for sport shooting with which you can fight for the podium. You can’t miss thanks to fully adjustable sights, KMR accessories, BRS barrel stabilization system and the individual care of our gunsmiths.
A pistol made in this way can be compared to the best products in its category.

Do you want to be faster and more accurate than others?
Then don’t hesitate, look for the KMR L-02 ORCA OR, and be READY TO COMPETE!

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