Lightweight pistol equipped with KMR accessories and BRS barrel stabilization system. Suitable for sport and hobby shooting.
Available in calibers 9x19 and 9x21.

5“ Heavy, Fluted, Polished Barrel with M13,5×1 LH tread (SR)

BRS - Barrel Stabilization System in the Slide

Frame made of duralumin, CNC machined from a solid blank

Optics Ready Interface (OR)
SA/DA Trigger Mechanism

Serrated steel SA/DA Trigger with Adjustable Drop – black

Short Reset
Wide SA/DA Hammer
Magazine with a capacity of 16 rnds
DiamondCut Duralumin Grips – black

Adjustable Duralumin Magazine Release Button – black

Recessed Slide Stop and Safety Controllers
Flat Left Manual Safety
Flat Right Manual Safety
Flat Slide Stop
Fiber-Optic Front Sight (1 mm)
Height Adjustable Rear Sight

Slide with CERAKOTE surface treatment – black

Magazine – 3 pcs

KMR Pistol Case, Cleaning Kit, KMR Oil, User’s Manual, Warranty Card

KMR Precision Arms PistolKMR L-02 UMBRA

A lightweight and easily controllable pistol with a duralumin frame, which you can have a lot of fun during hobby and sport shooting.
Do you prefer sights or optics ready? Do you want a threaded barrel, recessed safeties or adjustable rear sight?

You can have these KMR accessories along with the BRS barrel stabilization in the KMR L-02 UMBRA and be READY TO COMPETE with ease.